COVID Resources Archive


LeadingAge Texas COVID-19 Situation Report (07/21/20)

Isolation and Precautions Quick Sheet (07/21/20)

Joint Association Letter to HHSC re: COVID Surveyor Facility Visits (06/29/20)

Statement for the Record on COVID-19 and Nursing Homes (06/25/20)

Letter to Gov. Abbott:  Formal Meeting Request to Discuss Long-Term Care Facility Reopening (06/22/20)

Staff Vacations and Travel Considerations During COVID-19 (06/17/20)

A Time to Remember What We Stand For

Serious Illness Communications, Grief, and ACP Resources

Statements in Response to President Trump’s Visit to a Maine COVID-19 Testing Swab Factory 06.05.20

A Preventable & Slow-motion Tragedy: Backgrounder on COVID-19, Older Adults, Care Providers & Nursing Homes 06.03.20

Don't Walk Away From Millions Of Older Americans 06.04.20

Letter to HHSC: Visitation for Assisted Living Facilities

Letter to HHSC: Texas Assisted Living Reopening Plan Recommendations

Letter to HHSC: Texas Nursing Facility Reopening Plan Recommendations

COVID-19 Pandemic Risk Acknowledgment

Serious Illness Communications, Grief, and ACP Resources

COVID-19 Testing of Employees, New Hires, and Related Issues 05.20.20

NF Testing Questions & Concerns 05.14.20

Request to Prioritize Testing and PPE Resources to Texas Long-Term Care Facilities in Response to COVID-19

COVID19 Hot Topics for Independent Living: How to Incentivize Staff to Work During a Pandemic?

COVID-19 Grants and Funding Updates for the Health Care Sector

CARES Act Overview: Implications for Tax-Exempt Organizations

LeadingAge Nursing Home Members Support Texas Action to Gather and Leverage Data 04.15.20

Temporary Nurse Aide Training & Competency Checklist

Letter to Governor Abbott: Liability protection for physicians, health care providers, and health care facilities during declared COVID-19 disaster

Message from George: Texas Caregivers Deserve Our Support in Protecting Our Aging Population


FREQUENT UPDATES: COVID-19 Provider Updates from Texas HHSC

SUBSCRIBE: HHSC Gov Email & Text Updates

Texas Health and Human Services Commission Reminder to LTC Facilities about Death Reporting Requirements (07/23/20)

Long-Term Care Information Letter No. 20-34: Temporary Emergency Rate Increases for the Nursing Facility Program, Including Hospice Services Provided in the Nursing Facility Setting, Effective April 1, 2020  (07/20/20)

COVID-19 Updates and Q&A with LTCR and DSHS  (07/16/20)

Deadline to apply for CARES Act Provider Relief Fund - Monday, July 20(07/15/20)

Clarification About Free COVID-19 Testing Initiative for NFs and ALFs (07/13/20)

COVID-19 Response for Assisted Living Facilities v 3.2 (07/11/20)

Free COVID-19 Testing Initiative for NFs and ALFs (07/10/20)

Updated Nursing Facility COVID-19 FAQs (07/08/20)

HHSC Announces NF CHOW Process Improvements (07/07/20)

State Contractor for COVID-19 Testing in Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities  (07/06/20)

Governor Abbott Establishes Statewide Face Covering Requirement, Issues Proclamation To Limit Gatherings (07/02/20)

Updated COVID-19 FAQs for HCSSAs Including Inpatient Hospice Units (07/02/20)

Existing EVV Users: Temporary Policies for COVID-19 Extended to July 31, 2020 (07/02/20)

NFs, NATCEP and Med Aide Programs - Waivers in Place to Increase Staffing Flexibility  (07/02/20)

COVID-19 Update to Telehealth Guidance on CLASS Professional and Specialized Therapies  (07/01/20)

Update to COVID-19 Guidance for FFS Service Coordinators and Case Managers (07/01/20)

Coming Soon: Effective August 31, 2020, Billing Provider Information Must Not Match Attending or Rendering Provider Information  (07/01/20)

Governor Abbott, HHSC Announce $9 Million for Nursing Facility Infection Control Projects to Prevent COVID-19  (06/30/20)

NFs, NATCEP & Med Aide Programs - Waivers in Place to Increase Staffing Flexibility  (06/30/20)

Multiple Medicaid Long-Term Care COVID-19 Flexibilities Extended Through July 31, 2020  (06/30/20)

Temporary Emergency Rate Increases for the Nursing Facility Program Effective April 1, 2020 (06/24/20)

Assisted Living Facility Technical Memorandum: TM 20-01, Bedroom Door Lock (06/23/20)

Assisted Living Facility Technical Memorandum: TM 20-02, Walkway from an Exit or Means of Escape (06/23/20)

Guidance to SNFs on CMS Spell of Illness Waiver  (06/22/20)

Long-Term Care Residents’ Right to Retain Federal Stimulus Checks  (06/22/20)

Updated Long-Term Care User Guide for Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR)  (06/18/20)

June 2020 QMP Bulletin (06/18/20)

Guidance for Facilities Who Receive Test Results from Tests Taken More Than 14 Days Ago   (06/17/20)

Long-Term Care User Guides for NursingFacilities and Hospice Providers  (06/16/20)

COVID-19 Response for Assisted Living Facilities 06.16.20 

ALF Special Infection Control Assessments 06.12.20

NF Special Infection Control Assessments 06.10.20

QIPP Performance and Reporting Requirement Adjustments Due to COVID-19 06.10.20

QIPP NSGO Active Partnership COVID-19 Response 06.05.20

COVID-19 Response for Nursing Facilities Version 3.1 06.04.20

Long-Term Care Information Letter No. 20-26: COVID19 CLASS and DBMD Interest List Reduction Slot Releases 06.04.20

Governor Abbott Announces Phase III To Open Texas 06.03.20

Additional Guidance on GA-26

Updated Timeline for Cures Act EVV Expansion 06.03.20

LTCR Seeks Feedback on Weekly Webinars 06.02.20 

HHS Urges Long-Term Care Facilities to Update Emergency Preparedness Plans Amid Hurricane Season, Pandemic 06.02.20

NFs - Apply for Up to $3000 in CMP Funds for Communication Devices Used During COVID-19 05.29.20

Update to COVID-19 Guidance for FFS Service Coordinators and Case Managers 05.29.20

COVID-19 Update to Telehealth Guidance on CLASS Professional and Specialized Therapies 05.29.20

Governor Abbott, HHSC Announce $3.6 Million To Connect Nursing Facility Residents And Families 05.27.20

Quick Reference Guide (QRG) for Remittance and Status Reports for LTC Providers 05.27.20

Updated Nursing Facility COVID-19 Response Plan 05.26.20

Emergency Preparedness for Hurricane Season 05.26.20

Nursing Facility (NF) Testing FAQs #2 05.21.20

FAQs Nursing Facility COVID-19 Testing 05.20.20

HHSC Suspends Deallocation of NF Medicaid Beds Due to COVID-19 05.19.20

Infection Control Probe Tool (PDF) 05.18.20

Updated COVID-19 Response Plan for Assisted Living Facilities 05.18.20

HHSC Suspends Deallocation of NF Medicaid Beds Due to COVID-19 05.18.20

Letter from EC to Local Health Departments - NF testing 05.18.20

RA-QRF 05.18.20

COVID-19 Outbreaks in Long-term Care Facilities

Governor Abbott Directs TDEM, DSHS, HHSC To Test All Nursing Home Residents, Staff In Texas 05.12.20

HHSC Long-Term Care Regulatory Posts COVID-19 Resources 

Governor Abbott Issues Executive Order To Expand Openings Of Certain Businesses and Activities 05.04.20

HHSC LTCR COVID-19 Resource: Strategies to Mitigate Healthcare Personnel Staffing Shortages 05.04.20

IL20-19 – COVID-19 In-Home Day Habilitation Information for Program Providers 05.04.20

HHSC Retires Provider Letter 10-13 - Locking of Egress Doors in Large ICFs/IID (Facilities with 17 or more Client Beds) 05.04.20

Updated COVID-19 FAQs for Inpatient Hospice Facilities Published by Long-Term Care Regulatory 04.29.20

Provider Letter 20-28 Volunteer Portal 04.27.20

The Governor's Report to Open Texas 04.27.20 

COVID-19 Response Plans for HCS Residential Service Providers

COVID-19 Guidance for Public Home Health Service Providers Published by DSHS

COVID-19: Facemasks & Respirators Questions & Answers

Guidance to Medicaid-Certified Nursing Facilities on PASRR 04.09.20

Waiver of Certified Nurse Aide Requirements Granted 04.09.20

Governor Abbott, HHSC Announce Emergency Rule to Increase Supply of Direct Care Providers in Nursing Facilities 04.09.20

HHSC Releases Emergency Rules for LTCR Providers Related to COVID-19 04.09.20

ALF Emergency Rules 04.09.20

NF Emergency Rules 04.09.20

PPE Shortage Help Information


Trump Administration Announces New Resources to Protect Nursing Home Residents Against COVID-19 (07/22/20)

Provider Relief Funds Reporting Timelines Announced  (07/22/20)

CMS Lifts Suspension of Enforcement Activity Effective June 1 (07/21/20)

CDC Updates Guidance on Isolation and Precautions for Adults with COVID-19(07/20/20)

Cares Act Provider Relief Fund Extends Deadline to Apply for Medicaid Funds to August 3, 2020  (07/20/20)

Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) Response to the Public Health Emergency on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) (07/17/20)

HHS Extends Deadline to Apply for Medicaid and CHIP Provider Relief Fund to Aug. 3 (07/17/20)

HHS to Send Rapid Point-of-Care Testing to Nursing Homes  (07/16/20)

SNF QRP Non-Compliance Notices Available, Reconsideration Requests due Aug. 18  (07/15/20)

CMS Extends Deadlines for HCBS Settings Rule  (07/14/20)

LeadingAge Provider Relief Fund Explainer  (07/13/20)

OSHA Respiratory Protection Program & Mask Fittings  (07/07/20)

CMS Toolkit on State Actions to Mitigate COVID-19 Prevalence in Nursing Homes (07/07/20)

Screening Tips for Nursing Homes (07/06/20)

Paycheck Protection Program Extended to August 8 (07/06/20)

$1.2B Senior Housing Relief Bill Introduced in Senate  (07/02/20)

Nursing Homes and COVID-19 Crisis Front and Center on Senate Floor  (07/02/20)

CMS Ends Waiver. Requires NFs to Resume Submission of Staffing Data by Aug. 14, 2020   (06/26/20)

HHS Clarifies Provider Relief Medicaid Distribution Application Items  (06/26/20)

New PPP Rules Provides Updates on Loan Forgiveness Processes  (06/26/20)

Life Safety Experts On 1135 Waivers Compliance for Nursing Homes  (06/26/20)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Nursing Home Visitation  (Visitation still pending state approval) (06/24/20)

"Reopening" to Visitors: A Review of CMS and States' Guidance to Nursing Homes (06/23/20)

"Reopening" to Visitors: A Review of States' Guidance for AL  (06/22/20)

CMS Releases COVID-19 Data for Medicare Beneficiaries  (06/24/20)

Federal Reserve Announces Plan to Expand Loans to Not-For-Profits  (06/17/20)

New CMS FAQs Include Guidance on Hospice Staff Access  (06/17/20)

Simplified PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Announced (06/17/20)

NHSN Reporting Issues Cheat Sheet 06.12.20

HHS Advisor Clarifies Provider Relief Fund Questions 06.12.20 

June Paycheck Protection Program Guidance Implements Flexibility Act 06.12.20

CMS Releases COVID-19 Nursing Facility Data 06.09.20

HHS Announces new Medicaid/CHIP Distribution 06.09.20

New Provider Relief FAQs Discuss Expenses and Lost Revenues 06.04.20

COVID-19 Survey Activities, CARES Act Funding, Enhanced Enforcement for Infection Control deficiencies, and Quality Improvement Activities in Nursing Homes 06.01.20

CMS Announces Enhanced Survey Activity and Enforcement Remedies Related to Infection Control 06.01.20

Considerations for Preventing Spread of COVID-19 in Assisted Living Facilities 05.29.20

Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness Guidance Issued 05.29.20

Nursing Home Reopening Recommendations Frequently Asked Questions 05.26.20

Provider Relief Fund Attestation Deadlines Extended into July 05.26.20

HHS Announces June 3 Provider Relief Deadline and New SNF Funds on the Way 05.26.20

FEMA Public Assistance Program for COVID-19 Expenses 05.26.20

HHS Announces Nearly $4.9 Billion Distribution to Nursing Facilities Impacted by COVID-19 05.22.20

Recovery Considerations for Life Plan Communities

Recovery Considerations for Affordable Housing Providers

CMS Outlines Key Activities of Nursing Home Reopening 05.19.20

What You Should Know About COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and Other EEO Laws 05.20.20

Pandemic Preparedness in the Workplace and the Americans with Disabilities Act 05.19.20

Nursing Home Reopening Recommendations for State and Local Officials 05.18.20

CMS Releases More Blanket Waivers for NFs 05.14.20

Home Health Blanket Waivers Chart 05.13.20

Hospice Blanket Waivers Chart 05.13.20

COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Blanket Waivers for Health Care Providers 05.13.20

Paycheck Protection Program Guidance on Certification of Need: New Information, Unanswered Questions 05.13.20

HHS Issues New Provider Relief FAQ and says More Relief Coming 05.11.20

CMS Issues Guidance to NFs for Notification of Confirmed and Suspected COVID-19 Cases Among Residents and Staff 05.07.20

FEMA COVID-19 Response: PPE Packages for Nursing Homes 05.06.20 

Rural Housing issues Resident Rent FAQ 05.06.20

Nursing Home Blanket Waivers Chart 05.01.20

CMS Releases Rule Including New Nursing Home Reporting Requirements 05.01.20

OSHA Issued Interim Enforcement Response Plan for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

COVID-19 Module for LTCF    

CMS Adds New Coverage Requirements to MA Plans Under COVID-19 04.28.20

CMS Freezes Health Inspection Rating; Issues FAQs 04.27.20

CMS Suspends Accelerated and Advanced Payment Programs 04.27.20

Telehealth Grant Funding Opportunity 

Coronavirus Waivers & Flexibilities

Paycheck Protection Program Guidance Issued on Affiliation and for Faith-Based Organizations 04.03.20

CMS Telehealth Toolkit for Nursing Homes 03.30.20 

Prioritization of Survey Activities 03.20.20

COVID-19 Focused Survey for Nursing Homes 03.20.20

COVID-19 Focused Infection Control Survey: Acute and Continuing Care 03.20.20

CMS COVID-19 Stakeholder Call Recording/Transcripts

CDC Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of PPE

COVID-19 Partner Toolkit

Medicare Telemedicine Health Care Provider Fact Sheet

Medicare Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)   

LeadingAge: New Paid Sick Leave and FMLA Leave in the Families First Response Act (FFCRA) 03.29.20

Department of Labor: Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Questions and Answers

Labor & Employment Advisory: Employee Leave Requirements Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

President Signs Families First Coronavirus Response Act; What Does This Mean for Aging Services?

Approved and Pending Waivers for Long Term Care Providers 


Trump Administration Acts to Ensure U.S. Healthcare Facilities Can Maximize Frontline Workforces to Confront COVID-19

Nursing Home Blanket Waivers Chart REVISED 04.10.20

Home Health Blanket Waivers Chart REVISED 04.10.20

Hospice Blanket Waivers Chart REVISED 04.09.20

PL 20-21 - Suspension of Certain LTCR Requirements during COVID-19 Outbreak 03.20.20


Governor Abbott Announces HHSC Request Of Section 1135 Waiver To Support Health Care Workforce In Medicaid Program

Resources for LTC Providers to Request PPE:   

COVID-19 Guidance for FMSAs and CDS Employers
Healthcare Supply of PPE
Strategies to Optimize PPE and Equipment
Strategies to Optimize Eye Protection
Strategies to Optimize Isolation Gowns
Strategies to Optimize Face Masks
Strategies to Optimize N-95 Respirators
Crisis Alternate Strategies for N-95 Respirators


HUD Letter requesting Eviction Moratorium Extension (07/21/20)

Lifeline 101: A Joint Presentation by HUD and the FCC July 7 webinar recording   (07/15/20)

LeadingAge takes stock of HUD progress during COVID-19  (07/15/20)

HUD announces Service Coordinator CARES Act allocation (07/10/20)

HUD releases plan to resume “light touch” MORs  (07/10/20)

HUD grants vacancy claims flexibility for COVID-19 (07/09/20)

House Appropriators: New Section 202 Homes Needed  (07/08/20)

HUD issues evictions guidance, housing stability brochure  (07/07/20)

HUD leadership says “safety first” for physical inspections  (07/06/20)

HUD's Agency Plan for Use of CARES Act Funds  (06/30/20)

HUD Responds on Not Distributing CARES Act Senior Housing Funds (06/29/20)

New HUD Report: Increase of Older Adult Housing Needs  (06/23/20)

HUD Proposes New RAD for PRAC Forms, Provides RAD Updates  (06/22/20)

Diagnostic Testing Support for Affordable Housing Communities  (06/17/20)

Senators Push HUD on CARES Act Allocation Delays 06.10.20

Medical experts discuss infection control practices for senior housing 06.05.20

HUD, CDC prepare for pandemic hurricane season 06.04.20

HUD Recommendations: Cleaning and Disinfecting 06.04.20

HUD announces CARES Act allocation for Project-Based Communities 06.02.20

HUD Guidance Allows Electronic Signatures and Documents 05.27.20

HUD Multifamily Guidance on Electronic Signature, Transmission and Storage 05.27.20

HUD Updates Guidance on Confirmed Cases, Residual Receipts 05.21.20

One-Stop Federal Site on Eviction and Mortgage Protections 05.20.20

Housing Needs Survey

Housing Highlights from HEROES Act Relief Bill 05.12.20

Next Steps: “Reopening” Considerations for Housing Providers 05.12.20

Housing Proposals for COVID Relief Come Into Focus 05.08.20

HUD May 4 Presentation: Cleaning and Disinfecting of Indoor Spaces 05.04.20

Rural Housing to launch service coordination in senior, disabled communities 05.01.20

HUD updates FAQs on vacant units and project funds 05.01.20

HUD issues framework for