LeadingAge Texas PAC
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The LeadingAge Texas PAC was created in 2017 and supports candidates for public office in Texas that support mission-driven aging services providers and the Texan’s they serve.

As the only Political Action Committee in Austin representing mission-driven providers and the full continuum of care, your contribution will help ensure LeadingAge Texas members remain visible and have a voice among Texas lawmakers.

The LeadingAge Texas PAC is an important component of the association’s advocacy efforts and will help advance policy priorities that directly impact providers’ ability to continue their mission.



Our Goals

  • Educate candidates and lawmakers on the importance of mission-driven aging services in Texas.
  • Promote adequate funding levels for critical services like nursing home care and affordable senior housing.
  • Defend against regulatory barriers that impede our ability to provide high-quality care.
  • Encourage more effective oversight of long-term care facilities.
  • Support the development of a statewide solution to finance long-term services and supports.


Guidelines for Supporting the PAC

  • Contributions are NOT tax deductible.
  • Contributions must be personal.
  • Corporate contributions are prohibited by state law.
  • Anonymous contributions are prohibited by state law.
  • Attend PAC events on your personal time.
  • Do not use nonprofit email, phone systems, time, supplies, letterhead, or stationary to promote PAC activities.
  • Do not make PAC participation part of a non-profit employee's job responsibilities or tied to job performance or evaluations.



Q. What is a Political Action Committee (PAC)?
A. The LeadingAge Texas PAC is a voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated committee operating as a separate, segregated fund of LeadingAge Texas, a Texas nonprofit corporation. A political committee, commonly referred to as a “PAC”, is “a group of persons that has as a principal purpose accepting political contributions or making political expenditures.” Election Code §251.001(12).

Q. Who can I contact for more information about the LeadingAge Texas PAC?
A. Contact Alyse Meyer at alyse@leadingagetexas.org or (512) 467-2242.

Q. Can a charitable 501(c)(3) organization make PAC contributions?
A. No, the Internal Revenue Code includes an absolute prohibition on directly (or indirectly) participating in or intervening in any political campaign on or behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. (See IRS) However, these restrictions do not apply to employees of 501(c)(3) organizations acting in their individual capacity.

Q. How are my donations used?
A. Your contribution will be used to support candidates identified by the PAC Board whose philosophies and approach supports not-for-profit aging services providers and the people they serve.

Q. How will I be recognized for my donation?
A. Contributors will be recognized on the association’s newsletters, website, and PAC events.

Q. Who runs the LeadingAge Texas PAC?
A. The PAC is overseen by a PAC Board that reports to the LeadingAge Texas Board.






Denise Aver Philips
John Berkely
Iris Bowden
Wendy Carpenter
Marsha Cayton
Roque Christensen
Patrick Crump
Matt Currie
Kathie Estrada
Nicole Gann
Chuck Guame
Cheryl Harding
Kent Herring
Georgianne Hewett
Jay Hobbs
Lee Ann Hubanks
Darrel Jones
Tiffany Karlin
Tim Kozik
Crystal Laza
George Linial
Mark Lenhard
Cory Macdonald
Alyse Meyer
Stephen Nelson
Deborah Nugent
Melissa Orth
Sabrina Porter
Brian Robbins
Rodney Rueter
Paul Sneed
Daniel Sternthal
David Thomason
Katharyn Wiegand