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Continue to be the Pioneers in the Midst of an Ever-Changing Landscape

Monday, June 18, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Julianna Ems
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The senior living field is currently in the midst of unprecedented change in the way business is being conducted. Across the country, customers of our services are redefining what their expectations are and if we are not ready with new models of care, housing, and services, then we will be left behind.

LeadingAge members across the country have a long history of developing new and better ways of taking care of seniors. Since the beginning, innovation has started here, with us. Our charge in the midst of this ever-changing landscape is to continue to be the pioneers.


1) Listen and connect with each other. Get together, step outside your organizations, and explore underutilized connections within the association. Stand alone campuses will have a difficult time surviving when the competition has efficiency on their side. Joining a peer group, committee, or task force is a great way to meet fellow members and make meaningful connections.

2) Enlighten your boards. Many boards are not up to speed with the rapid change happening in our field. Is your board acting strategically and planning for a 10 or 20 year horizon or are they just looking to keep the status quo? If you want to see your mission sustained moving forward, work to keep your board educated and engaged. Check out these handy governance resources to help your board stay on track.

3) Develop your people. Strong leaders are needed more than ever to navigate the unforeseen future. Reports show that almost 40% of CEOs and EDs will retire in the next five years. Do you have a succession plan in place? Are you developing future leaders of the field? There are leaders in all parts of your organization pioneering day-to-day operations that make the resident's senior living experience great. Invite them to develop their skills by registering for our upcoming Medicare University Workshop and Workforce Summit. Next year, make plans for you & your leadership team to join us in February at the 2019 Leadership Conference, and encourage rising leaders to apply to our Leadership Institute - applications to open in late February 2019.

4) Remain true to your mission, but be business focused. Finding the balance between mission and margin is critical for our long-term success and will embolden you to better serve an ever-more-diverse and evolving population of older adults.

5) Keep your eye on the horizon while living in the present. It is important to stay present and address the immediate needs of your residents, but looking forward and preparing for the future success of your organization is critical. Are you prepared for the demands and needs of the next generation of residents who will have an entirely different set of expectations than your current residents? 

6) Celebrate your successes. In the very nature of being servant leaders, you are humble in demeanor; however, do not hesitate to be boastful of accomplishments. Celebrate newsworthy happenings in your community by submitting articles to be featured in The Connection and nominate deserving staff for LeadingAge Texas Awards - open for nominations Fall 2018. 
Always be thankful for those responsible for our successes and continue pioneering the way.


George Linial, CAE, CASP
President & CEO, LeadingAge Texas