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On the Horizon: Working to Provide Additional Member Benefits via Collaboration

Wednesday, April 10, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Julianna Ems
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We are excited to announce that, in addition to the many opportunities currently offered to LeadingAge Texas members, we are in the midst of exploring new collaborations to provide you with better advantages:

  • Association Sponsored Health Plan | We are looking forward to creating a multiple employer group self-funded plan which would provide members better options for their employee health plans. The program would offer members ten health plans that are far less expensive than what they are currently paying on their own.
  • Managed Care Network | We know our members provide great care and that negotiating with managed care as a single provider does not deliver the leverage needed to achieve better reimbursement. So, we are exploring an opportunity to create a network of member providers to undergo these negotiations together.

If you are interested in learning more about these collaborations and to see how your community might benefit positively from these endeavors, email

While the staff and I continue to explore these new opportunities, I encourage you to take advantage of some of the ongoing member benefits by:

  • Tapping into knowledge and resources | Odds are that someone, somewhere, in our field has already discovered the solution to a vexing problem in your particular situation. Our education solutions, newsletter & blogs, and committees & peer groups create opportunities to share those best practices and learn fresh ideas. Additionally, by networking, you may spot emerging trends which could impact your operation or your future.
  • Making personal connections | Networking Events & our committees & peer groups are perfect ways to make lifelong friendships with your peers, share best practices, help each other, and potentially collaborate.
  • Gaining political clout and expertise | LeadingAge brings members together, turning each individual voice into an effective, collective shout calling attention to issues important to us. For a field as highly regulated and dependent on government funding as ours, advocacy is a key. Learn more & get involved.
  • Increasing your purchasing power | Value First helps members receive better pricing on numerous products and services. Virtually anything you purchase for your community is a potential savings to you. So, contact to learn more and to set up a free cost study.


George Linial, CAE, CASP
President & CEO, LeadingAge Texas