ArtsInspire: 2019 Visual Arts Entry Form

Visual Arts Entry Form

Thank you for your participation in ArtsInspire! Please complete the form below and be sure to select the "submit" button at the very bottom of this page to ensure that your entry has been submitted to this year's contest.

Initial Submission Guidelines:

  • One entry per resident/group, per category; A single piece may NOT be entered in multiple categories.
  • The piece must have been completed within the past three years.
  • A single piece may NOT be submitted for two consecutive years.
  • The participant must currently be a resident of a LeadingAge Texas Community.
  • The submission must have been completed while the resident was at least 62; if the resident is younger than 62, he/she must have been living in a LeadingAge Texas Community at the time of completion.
Artist's Information

Artwork Information

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Digital Photo Upload

Please upload a digital photo (in a .jpg format) of the artwork you are submitting. The filename must feature the artist’s last name & the category (e.g., Smith_Majestic Award).

Terms of Entry


All information within the above form is complete and true to my knowledge.

I certify that upon the completion of this artwork, I was at least 62 years of age and/or residing in a LeadingAge Texas Community and that I am currently a resident of a LeadingAge Texas Community.

If selected as a finalist, I agree to have my original artwork (display-ready), a digital photo of myself (headshot), and a one-paragraph biography (no more than 150 words) in a Microsoft Word-compatible document submitted no later than June 7, 2019. If selected as a finalist, I understand that my artwork will be on display at Westminster in Austin on Saturday, August 10.

If selected as a finalist, I agree to ensure that my artwork is properly packaged so it can be repackaged and transported back to me via insured carrier or arrange to have the artwork picked up after the art exhibit. Finally, if selected as a finalist, I agree to not hold LeadingAge Texas liable for any damage to my artwork and understand that LeadingAge Texas is unable to provide insurance coverage; if I deem it necessary, I will insure my artwork through my own personal insurance. I understand that LeadingAge Texas will make every effort to protect my work and will return it to me following the Awards Ceremony at Westminster.

I also give LeadingAge Texas permission to use my artwork, photo, and biography for any promotional or informational pieces.