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with Vickie Ragsdale, PhD, RN, DON, EdenHill Communities

Increasingly older adults are admitted to the nursing home with a number of co-morbidities, weakened immunity, and significant health issues that compromise their physical health and well-being in a number of ways. Long-term care practice standards for infection prevention and control must address the changing needs in meeting today’s practice standards. This session will provide the most recent CMS and CDC guidelines as outlined in the Final Rule for Infection Prevention and Control in long-term care, including resources to help your nursing staff gain confidence in their nursing practice.

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with Gene Dolloff, Morrison Community Living

It is not news that associate acquisition, retention & turnover are top challenges facing aging services communities today. This session will focus on proven ways leading organizations, both within and outside of senior living, have tackled the workforce challenge.

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9:15 - 10:30 am

sponsored by UnitedHealthcare Community Plan

with Stephen P. Fleming, CEO, The Well Spring Group | Chair, LeadingAge

National Chair of LeadingAge, Steve Fleming, will dive into the unique responsibilities of not-for-profits. This can’t-miss keynote will inspire you to [re]discover your community’s mission, encourage you to work to further that mission, & embolden you to better serve an ever-more diverse & evolving population of older adults.

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CONCURRENT SESSIONS | 10:45 am - 12:15 pm

A: Quality of Care | B: Finance & Operations | C: Quality of Life & Well-being
D: Leadership & Management | E: Aging Services Innovations & Policy
: Marketing, Development, & Community Relations | G: Senior Living Innovations | H: Workforce
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with Michelle Christiansen, MS, PA, CN-E, CCDS, VP Clinical Sales & Marketing, Medline Industries, Inc.

Between staff time (nursing assistants spend the majority of their day managing incontinence) and products needed, continence management is one of the largest expenditures in any long-term care facility. With growing numbers of residents per nursing assistant, lower payments, and evolving regulatory standards, challenges continue to arise – the need to meet these challenges with educational standards organizations have been striving for. Educating the caregivers on continence management is crucial to improve your bottom line while also improving resident dignity and quality of life. Discussing topics from fall prevention & skin protection in the incontinent population to QAPI requirements, this session will focus on providing attendees with a better understanding of continence management challenges that direct care workers face and arming attendees with solutions to address said challenges.

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with Louann Lawson, Nurse Consultant/Clinical Reimbursement Team Leader/Clinical Education Manager, Pathway Health Services

Healthcare reform and the move to value based payment is no longer a hypothetical notion. For post-acute care leaders and their organizations, the value journey starts by developing a keen understanding of the expectations of clinical competence and clinical capacity. A leader’s assessment of organizational readiness is pivotal to success in these new payment models. As industry payment reform continues and quality expectations rise, providers should carefully evaluate and redesign how, when, and what type of health services they provide. This engaging session will provide an overview and update on payment reform changes affecting our industry and strategies to assess clinical readiness, clinical capacity and clinical competency, preparing your organization for the new clinical and quality expectations.

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with C. Byron Cordes, LCSW, C-ASWCM, Sage Care Management

All families have some trouble expressing their desire for appropriate care. It is our ethical obligation as aging services professionals to get the communication right so we can provide the best services or care. We will define the client system and then discuss common communication problems and solutions - from all sides.

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with Brooke Roth, Director of Business Development, Morrison Community Living; Jared Flayer, Regional Vice President, Morrison Community Living

The Hospitality Experience takes a deeper dive into the areas of culinary, technology, wellness, and customer service to ensure you can exceed resident's increasing expectations. Expectations for every level of care continue to rise as seniors enter our communities. Wellbeing is more important than Wellness. The difference here is that wellbeing embodies body, mind and soul. Programs must take a holistic approach to our residents health. This means everything you would expect health/nutrition wise but with the addition of happiness, fun, socialization and joy. Bingo and chair volleyball, while exciting to some, are just not going to cut it with our new residents. Craft beer brewing and paddleboard yoga in the pool anyone? This session will dive into how to utilize analytics in decision-making, discuss dining experiences that are innovative, varied, and authentic, and identify how to create an impeccable service experience.

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1E  Deep Dive: Mission + Sustainability [exclusive to members in upper level/c-suite positions]

      [sponsored by Morrison Community Living]

with Stephen P. Fleming, CEO, The Well Spring Group | Chair, LeadingAge with panelists: Phil Elmore, MS, LNHA, President/CEO, Christian Care Senior Living Communities; Cheryl Harding, CASP, LNFA, PhD, RHP, President/CEO, James L. West Alzheimer's Center; Ron Jennette, CASP, President/CEO, MRC Healthy Living Communities

Individuals in upper level/c-suite positions are invited to join Steve Fleming right after his keynote address to continue the conversation of Mission + Sustainability in depth. Steve will be joined by a group of experienced, highly-regarded leaders who will guide the group in a conversation of how those in high-level postitions can work to promote the organization’s mission all while being a good steward of the margin.


with Cathy Neece Brown, VP for Development, James L. West Alzheimer's Center

In this session, participants will learn how to identify potential collaboration opportunities in their communities and think strategically about how such partnerships can advance the mission and vision of an organization. A case study of a LeadingAge Texas member community will be examined as a practical example with real-world applications and results.


with Jenny DeSilva, Director, Blueprint Housing Solutions

This advanced level HUD compliance course is designed for compliance staff and seasoned managers who are eager to test their familiarity with recent HUD regulatory changes to the recertification process via examination of real-world scenarios. This session will test how much attendees really understand how HUD’s regulatory changes affect the recertification process—how did you adapt to Change 4? Do you understand the new mid-month certifications in TRACS 202D? Get ready to examine real-world recertification scenarios that will incorporate various elements of new information to be gathered and recorded in order to maintain leasing compliance.


with Cathy King, Pinnacle Quality Insight

Each year, companies are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on employee turnover. Companies with higher engagement levels see a 30-70% decrease in attrition and as a result higher customer satisfaction scores and productivity. The question is: how do we keep our employees engaged and motivated? This session will discuss how emotional intelligence and the key drivers behind employee engagement & retention can help us answer this question and as a result, improve our customer satisfaction.

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with Lisa Milliken, MA, CCC-SLP, Director of Education, Select Rehabilitation

This session will provide details related to the new CMS Rules for Participation. Attendees will learn how key principles, including person-centered care, care planning, discharge planning, and staff training are incorporated into these rules. The proposed rules will have an impact on how dementia care is provided in facilities. More than ever before, providers need to focus on individualized care, therapeutic approaches, root cause analysis of behaviors, and staff training to ensure requirements are met. This session will address challenges to implementation, ways to mitigate unintended consequences, and innovative strategies for successful implementation while maintaining a resident-centric focus.

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with Jon Unroe, Partner, BKD LLP

The Texas nursing home UPL program has changed to a “value-based” type of program which provides for addition reimbursement for facilities demonstrating improvement in certain predefined QM scores throughout the year. This session will explain how the program works and discuss the specific QM scores that will be measured. We will also review the quarterly improvement goals that must be met in order to receive additional Medicaid funding within this program.


with Will Armstrong, Marketing Director, Texas Health and Human Services; Claire Irwin, Outreach Specialist, Texas Health and Human Services

Community engagement, or targeted marketing, should be a vital part of any organization. Learn about the organizational value of community engagement and how you can create buy-in for community engagement projects in your community and with your organization. The office of Aging Services Coordination (formerly the office of Volunteer and Community Engagement at DADS) will discuss current and past community engagement projects as a way of providing clarification and opportunities for questions.

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with Jerri Lynn Ward, Garlo Ward P.C.

The educational objective of this session is to discuss the legal requirements to protect employees and residents against physical violence or other criminal acts and to discuss approaches in dealing with law enforcement concerning resident on resident violence or other abuse. This session will discuss the law and regulations which concern protecting residents from physical violence or other crimes. It will discuss the legal duties that nursing homes have with respect to the safety of their employees. It will discuss police interactions on the premises of the nursing homes when law enforcement is called and the duties of facilities with respect to such interactions.

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with Louann Lawson, Nurse Consultant/Clinical Reimbursement Team Leader/Clinical Education Manager, Pathway Health Services

Does the new Mega-Rule seem impossible? This interactive and engaging session will provide participants with the ability to find your purpose in making the Phase 2 regulations attainable AND sustainable! This session will provide a high-level overview of the different sections of the Final Rule.

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with Cory Macdonald, Attorney, Macdonald Resnevic, PLLC

The session will provide an overview of resident contracts in independent living, assisted living and nursing. Changes to nursing facility admission agreements necessitated by the new Requirements of Participation, as well as frequent issues that arise with regard to continuing care contracts will be discussed. Along with identifying common family member requests, both before and after residency, including the involvement of trusts and requests by heirs, the speaker will address these issues contractually and practically.

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with Chet Chandler, Vice President, Strategic Accounts, Value First

Gain knowledge of different methodologies in the purchase of goods and services that create higher cost savings and efficiencies. In the Long-term Care market there are many methods of purchasing goods and services within a single facility and within groups being utilized. This session will illustrate how greater efficiencies and savings can be obtained, managed, and sustained by using purchasing methodologies such as bidding, aggregation, benchmarking and ordering system tools available in the marketplace. These strategies and tactics will work in a centralized or decentralized purchasing organization for food, medical supplies, housekeeping, construction, MRO and other categories.


with Yvonne M Lozano, PhD, Gerontologist-Professor of Gerontology, Ashford University

Staff burnout and low morale are complex problems – problems that much time and money are often used to resolve. This session will identify four types of approaches to low morale and will provide a humor-realist approach in addressing the infectious nature of the issue and addressing possible solutions.

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NETWORKING SESSIONS | 8:15 - 9:45 am

Join the Chaplains/Pastoral Care Staff Peer Group for networking, fellowship, and a round-table discussion about the hopes, fears, challenges, blessings, that we experience in our work.

Join the newly-formed Development Peer Group for networking and roundtable discussion about challenges and successes we are currently experiencing and goals we hope to achieve.

with Gina Tomcsik, Director of Compliance | Privacy Officer, Functional Pathways

Join the Finance Committee for networking & education! Discover how therapy documentation plays a vital role in reimbursement in skilled nursing facilities. This session will improve their knowledge with SNF therapy documentation requirements to support claim submissions. The participant will enhance their knowledge in denials and appeals process, determine best practices for clean claim submission and foster an internal environment for effective documentation practices. The participant will learn what therapy documentation is required for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and how the quality of therapy documentation will affect facility cash flow.


with Frances Beltran, VP of Human Resources, Methodist Retirement Communities; Jill Bridwell, Director of Human Resources, The Legacy at EdenHill Communities; Cindy Saenz, Director of Human Resources, McCullough Hall Nursing Center, Inc.; Veronica Salgado, HR Director & Ethics Compliance Officer, Army Residence Community

Join the HR Peer Group and other HR-minded colleagues for networking and a discussion of relevant hot topics happening in today’s senior living workforce including Training & Learning Opportunities along with Employee Morale & Appreciation & Retention Events/Activities.

Bring your ideas and be ready to share! We want to hear from you: What are you doing to bring fun into the workplace and show appreciation and increase morale for evening and weekend staff?

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with Roundtable: Marketing Hot Topics Facilitator: Ann Carr, Director of Independent Living/Marketing, The Pinnacle at EdenHill Communities

Join your marketing-minded colleagues for networking and a dicsussion of relevant hot topics happening in today’s senior living marketing field. Topics will include CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & Fair Housing. Bring your ideas and be ready to share with other marketing-minded colleagues. We want to hear from you!
with Tracie Harrison, PHD, RN, FNP, FAAN, Professor, The University of Texas at Austin, School of Nursing

In this session, we will provide a review of how nursing ethics are used in contemporary professional practice. Attendees will discuss how these are threatened and supported through policy. Strategies for maintaining an ethical practice while maintaining employment will also be discussed.

 AE    N  

with Beth Arokoyo, Senior Designer, Spellman Brady & Company; Bruce Hentges, Vice President, Spellman Brady & Company

Join the Senior Housing Committee for networking & education! Presenters Bruce Hentges & Beth Arokoyo will discuss how to impact resident experiences through interior design on any budget! Renovations - no matter the size - are successful when planned, budgeted, designed and executed properly. It’s time to think outside the box to identify ways to transform space into meaningful destinations & to ensure that your residents enjoy the space they call home within your community.


with Hayley Barron, ACC, Manager, Life Enrichment Team, C. C. Young; Suzi Bottlinger, LBSW, Director of Social Services, Lutheran Sunset Ministries; Iris Bowden, Director of Activities & Volunteers, EdenHill Communities

Join the SWAP (Social Worker & Activity Professional) Peer Group for networking & education! Three of the group’s members will provide a session discussing the Top 10 Dementia Care Rules for Nursing Homes (practicals for person-centered care), strategies for activities for mixed-ability groups, and discharge planning. Be sure to come with questions & ready to take part in an engaging discussion!

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A: Quality of Care | B: Finance & Operations | C: Quality of Life & Well-being
D: Leadership & Management | E: Aging Services Innovations & Policy
: Marketing, Development, & Community Relations | G: Senior Living Innovations | H: Workforce
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with Stephanie Hoffman, Central U.S. Regional Director, Music and Memory; Therese Palombi, Quality Monitoring Program, HHS Medicaid/CHIP

Texas Health & Human Services (HHS) adopted MUSIC & MEMORY℠ in 2015 for the primary purpose of reducing the use of antipsychotic medications for all populations served. The program offers certification and staff training to create personalized music playlists on an iPod for each resident. Although the program began in skilled care environments, it has quickly spread to SSLCs, VAs, assisted living, and home health agencies. An unprecedented intergenerational collaboration led to the creation of a high school curriculum, A Snapshot On Aging, approved by the Texas Educational Agency (TEA) and has been released to all high schools in Texas. Texas is the 8th fastest improving state in the nation in their reduction of use of antipsychotic medications and we will discuss how Music & Memory is a key initiative. During this session, attendees will discuss key elements for program implementation and an overview of resources and guidelines for best practices.

 A    N    SW  


with Brandon Powell, Managing Director, Ziegler; Rich Scanlon, Managing Director, Ziegler

The senior living environment is undergoing significant change. Strong capital flows into the for-profit sector have led to what some fear is over-building in multiple markets. Competitive pressures on not-for-profits are high and come from many directions. At the same time, many providers have dated physical plants, and seek to establish strategies to work in the post-acute environment that healthcare reform has wrought. Historically not-for-profits have adhered closely to their roots, often growing slowly from a single location, with careful attention to mission attributes and faith identities. This growth philosophy, however, handicaps not-for-profits in the current heavy-capital, fast-growth industry environment. How can not-for-profits change philosophy and build an aggressive growth strategy that is internally aligned among board, management, operations, and even residents? For a number of CCRCs, the need for organizational growth is an objective, while for others the need to grow beyond current levels of scope and sophistication can be a source of debate; this session will cover key items related to growth management among faith-based healthcare and human services providers including governance considerations, growth drivers, capital planning and change management. This session will feature a case study. Further, Ziegler will share broader trend information around growth strategies among the LeadingAge Ziegler 150, consumer trends, financing trends, sponsorship transition activity, and other pertinent data.


with Carolyn Lookabill, Brand Ambassador, American Senior Magazine

80% of Women die Single. 80% of Men die married. 30% of those who move to senior living do so within 90 days of the loss of a spouse. This session identifies the unique emotional needs of a senior who was recently widowed. The loss of a spouse is one of the top sources of personal stress. It can be a catalyst for major life changes. For residents of a senior living community as well as those contemplating a move to a community, their identity as a widow/widower may be new and perhaps unsettling. The loss of a spouse can have a significant impact on the daily interactions of “The One Left Behind.” Senior Living Community staff should be aware of behaviors and actions that may signal the need for support and perhaps intervention. This session will provide insight into the unique characteristics and needs of a widow/widower and offer resources, actions and interventions that may provide the resident with a supportive environment during the grieving stages.

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with Grant Warner, Principal, D2 ARCHITECTURE with panelists: Ben Mazzara, Calder Woods; Todd Partin, Methodist Retirement Communities; Chris Zinkand, C. C. Young

This session will highlight processes, challenges, and success stories from three Life Plan Communities in Texas completing renovations. A panel of executive directors will discuss their goals and strategies for repositioning their communities. The moderator will provide a brief overview of each community, before and after pictures and plans, and then introduce the director of each to a more detailed description of their process to implement the changes.


with Michael Siegel, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

This session is intended to help providers understand what other post-acute care providers are doing in terms of health system relationships, what health systems are telling the market they are seeking in a post acute partner, and what possible responses may be available to post-acute care providers


with Alyssa Adam, CASP, Vice President of Marketing, Methodist Retirement Communities; Mark Ingram, CEO, SeniorROI

Give the gift of time back to your marketing team by employing the right marketing mix of traditional and digital marketing, so they spend more time more effectively selling and filling the building! A marketing mix of traditional tactics with innovative digital marketing tactics lets your team focus on selling. Event-based marketing is still the most effective way to engage prospects. The session will empower attendees to reach more qualified people, to invite and continually reengage them in meaningful ways, including reaching them digitally. Attendees will study an organization with six Life Plan Communities and how these organizations set up the right tools to find the right prospects, got them to events — all allowing their sales team sell. Discover how your organization can have better attendance with more qualified prospects, allowing your team to convert more leads and sales.


with Brenda Sprinkle, Ph.D., Regional Clinical Manager, Deer Oaks - A Behavioral Health Organization

Attendees will learn the warning signs for triggers to negative actions, discover how to create a person-centered plan based on a real solutions to dealing with biting, yelling, hitting, etc., understand how to teach staff how to recognize and intervene before behaviors become a problem, and identify how to create a safe, nonthreatening environment where residents of all cognitive and social levels can thrive.

 AE  •  SWE   

with Joyce Lamilla, M.Ed, RD, LD, FAND, Director Business Development & Nutrition Services, Ben E. Keith Foods

Do you wish your employees/co-workers/boss came with an owner’s manual? This presentation identifies the common challenges of difficult conversations and explores the strategies that can be used to handle them. By using various strategies and techniques to overcome these challenges, you can keep conversations on track, manage your emotions, and progress the conversation to produce positive outcomes. The most effective managers know that, when faced with difficult conversations, the ultimate goal is to produce positive outcomes and this presentation will teach you how to hold vital conversations with the intention of creating a safe space for healthy dialogue.

 A    HR

MEMBER SITE VISIT | 1:45 - 5 pm

with staff at The Army Residence Community

Learn how the staff at one of San Antonio’s premier Life Plan Communities, The Army Residence Community, promote and uphold innovative programming and services to their approximately 750 residents (retired career military officers, spouses, widows, and widowers).

 A    AP    SW 

1:45 - 3:15 pm

with Linda Williams, RN, BSN, MPA, Senior Risk Manager/RN, GuideOne Risk Resources for Health Care; Karen Merk, RN, BS, CRNAC

The #1 risk exposure and concern identified in assessing facility compliance with regulatory requirements and legal documentation is poorly written documentation by nurses. The problem exists because oftentimes nurses are not knowledgeable of it or the consequences for it, until it is one day called into question by an attorney or state surveyor. Consequences of poorly written documentation can include disruption of care that can lead to a danger to residents' health, safety and well-being. To the nurse, it can cause credibility and competency concerns, jeopardized licensure and being named in a lawsuit, among others. This session will provide attendees with best practices on correctly documenting while maintaining a person-centered focus on the residents. Attendees will not only become aware of commonly-found documentation entries that are problematic and know what the legal and regulatory expectations and consequences are, they will also learn what obstacles lead to poor documentation and what can be done to avoid them.


 A    N  

with Susie Mix, President/CEO, Mix Solutions

This session will bring the business office to the classroom providing best practices from admission to billing and ultimately collecting. The ABCs will provide knowledge identifying strategies to develop managed care business office systems. The 123s highlight successful, proven steps to bill correctly and timely. This interactive session will also address the “managed care” bully in the room mounting a defense built on proper case management to combat audits and eventually avoid them. There is no time for recess – managed care SUCCESS means money. The session will provide “extra credit” allowing for examination of trends and understanding root causes bringing challenging times to AR.


with Hayley Barron, ACC, Manager, Life Enrichment Team, C. C. Young

Challenge the stigma of Social Workers and Activity Professionals as just the "Fun" people or just the "Feelings" people to have them accepted as vital members of the clinical interdisciplinary team. Activity Professionals are the "Fun" people who play all day. Social Workers are the "Feelings" people who sit around and talk to patients all day. Forget that! Fight the stigmas! Embrace the Freedom to become a Functional part of the ID team. Fight for yourself to not be Forgotten and earn the Finances you deserve. Through self and facility-culture analysis we will identify how the stigmas against our professions have hindered our ability to be seen as professionals.

 A    AP    SW 

with Cathy Schweiger, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

Understand how the home- and community-based care delivery model has evolved. Continuing care at home programs offer avenues for collaborations with a wide range of aging services providers. Provider panelists will share successful efforts to partner with local Virtual Villages and developing efforts to team with online ride services to address the pervasive need for senior transportation.

 A    SW  

with Chelsea Couch, Texercise Program Coordinator, Texas Health & Human Services Commission; Holly Riley, Aging Services Coordination Manager, Texas Health & Human Services Commission

This session will review Texas’ older adult population trends and predictions and how the Texas Health and Human Services is preparing individuals, communities and government to meet the needs. State programs, initiatives and services to meet aging related needs will be discussed, as well as outreach initiatives and innovative programs.

 A    SW  

with Rick Hunsicker, VP of Sales Services, Love & Company

It is no secret that competitive landscape for assisted living and memory care is becoming increasingly crowded. Successful healthcare organizations need to be proactive with their sales and marketing programs to not only stay competitive, but to survive and thrive today and into the future. This session provides leadership with the information and understanding to justify, develop and implement a metrics-driven sales and marketing program typically reserved for the independent living realm. This session will include real-life case studies that demonstrate the critical role that a proactive, metrics-driven sales and marketing program plays in the successful healthcare organization.


with Mindy Cheek, Coalition for Aging LGBT Housing Committee; Betty King, Board Member | Regional Chair, Social Services, Coalition for Aging LGBT

Attendees will come away from this session with a better understanding of aging from a LGBT senior’s perspective. Discover how various aging services communities are working alongside the Coalition for Aging LGBT to promote the personal well-being, dignity and autonomy of aging LGBT Texans. Identify ways to improve and protect the quality of life of the older LGBT adults living within your community.

 A    SW  

with Peter Corless, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Development, OnShift

From bedside to boardroom, aging services communities are challenged with the need to attract, retain and develop their team members. In an increasingly competitive talent market challenged by caregiver shortages, high turnover and an aging population with more sophisticated care needs, providers must rethink their workforce strategies. That means evolving recruiting, engagement and retention tactics to attract and develop talent. Attend this session to learn the secret formula for attracting and retaining senior care employees in today’s competitive market. Join in a 360-degree workforce discussion and gain insights into the key workforce issues facing senior care executives, community leaders and front-line staff members and learn how they are addressing them.

 A    HR 


with Vickie Ragsdale, PhD, RN, DON, EdenHill Communities; Pearl Merritt, RN, FAAN, Regional Dean/Professor, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing

The demands placed on long-term care providers to meet industry standards requires accountability on a day-to-day basis. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a proven method in applying a systematic approach that can be used in effectively addressing quality of care and risk management issues. For this session, we will discuss the definition of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and purpose of application in quality of care and risk management. A case study will be presented that can be duplicated across provider settings using identified tools and resources.

 A    N  

with Tiffany Karlin, Partner & Director of Healthcare, Mueller Prost

This session provides attendees with tools to add to their own benchmarking toolkit with a particular focus on healthcare. This session will also highlight which drivers are most effective for Boards to review. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of the value of benchmarking and with the ability to identify a variety of benchmark data sources.


with Alyssa Adam, CASP, Vice President of Marketing, Methodist Retirement Communities; Vallie Cross, Marketing Director, MRC PineCrest

In this session, attendees will gain an understanding of the continuing care retirement community model, and how to utilize it as a framework in identifying critical junctures in senior development. We will explore how to utilize a multi-disciplinary team approach to proactively address the needs of residents and their adult children at these junctures. We will share our experience in co-piloting with residents and their families to help them thrive during what could be potentially high-risk milestones.

 A    AP    SW   

with Matt Neville, Highland Springs; Debbie Malone, Dining Director, Highland Springs; Patrick Becquet, Executive Chef, Highland Springs

In this session, attendees will discover a well-designed & exceptionally-executed dining program used within a community. Attendees will discover how the community was able to improve resident experience with the dining program and will gain insight on menu, service, and staffing guidelines.

 A    SW  

with Daniel Sternthal, Attorney/Partner, Baker Donelson; Kathie Estrada, CASP, Director, Corporate Compliance, Blue Skies of Texas

The purpose of this session is to give attendees the tools necessary to review, revise, and negotiate contracts in the LTC field. The session will include a discussion of key provisions and sample language to give exposure to various approaches to certain issues such as term, termination, indemnification, restrictive covenants, etc. Presenters will address common federal and state fraud and abuse laws that are applicable to contracting in the LTC field. Attendees will also learn certain negotiation strategies and discuss best practices regarding contract administration and risk management.


with Jackie Stone, Vice President Sales Consulting, Varsity; Derek Dunham, Vice President Client Services, Varsity

It is very clear that senior living is experiencing a shift in consumer preferences, and research shows that Baby Boomers present very different characteristics from previous older adult generations. The "hearth and homemakers" who stayed home, raised the children and had dinner on the table when dad came home from work are aging out of our communities. They are not being replaced by other hearth and homemakers, but rather by Boomers who live life on their own terms. This session will delve into the consumer of tomorrow by examining their values, preferences, health status, financial status and family dynamics, among other topics. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how senior living providers can attract and communicate effectively with the next generation of senior living prospects.


with Joyce Hefner, Director, Housing & Community Services, Family Eldercare; Stephanie Glass, Program Coordinator, Lifetime Connections Without Walls, Family Eldercare

As individuals continue to live longer and with an unprecedented number of older adults in our population, it is imperative that service providers promote good health and disease prevention through healthy aging programing. Healthy Aging focuses on ensuring older adults are achieving physical, mental, and social well-being through a variety of services. This session will discuss two programs, Living Well! and Lifetime Connections Without Walls, and how both are providing older adults in Central Texas the opportunity to stay socially connected, discover interests, and receive direct client assistance. The Living Well! program is currently housed in various public housing units throughout Travis County. Lifetime Connections Without Walls is a telephone-based program providing socialization to home-bound older adults in Central Texas and beyond. In addition to learning about the components of Healthy Aging, this session will provide insight into program development and evaluation.

 A    AP    SW 

with Whitney Harmon, Attorney/Shareholder, Baker Donelson; Angie Davis, Attorney/Shareholder, Baker Donelson

America is in the middle of an agonizing reexamination of sexual conduct. What constitutes sexual harassment or assault? Where is the line that separates acceptable or merely rude actions from unacceptable and possibly illegal behavior? In this session, we will define sexual harassment in the workplace and also examine best practices relating to numerous events from over the last year that led to the resignation of Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly from Fox News, and the terminations of Matt Lauer from the Today Show and Harvey Weinstein from the Weinstein Company.

 AE    HR  


co-sponsored by
Communities of Faith RRG 
& Humana

with Duane Cummings, CEO, Leadercast

Renowned speaker, author, & LeadingAge advocate, Duane Cummings, will kick off the last day of conference with a focus on purpose. Discover why purpose is what defines us, drives us, and empowers us and how to ensure you & your team are connected & powered by purpose.

 A    AP    HR    SW 


with Kathy Johanns, Program Administrator, Veterans Land Board; Sara Rodriguez, Quality Nurse Manager, Veterans Land Board

Post Traumatic Stress is an injury to the soul that can be managed and even healed late in life. In this session, we will explore how to work with your residents who have post traumatic stress and behaviors that are caused by PTS and Dementia.

Learning Objectives include: • Definition of PTS, dementia, and behaviors • Basic understanding of post traumatic stress • What are triggers • How to proactively avoid triggers • Brain changes in PTS and dementia • Commonly exhibited behaviors • Appropriate staff interventions • STAR VA card use • Communication • Best and worst medication for treating PTS, dementia, and behaviors in the elderly • Survivor’s guilt, moral injury, and end of life.

 AE    N    SWE 

with Duane Cummings, CEO, Leadercast

Join Duane Cummings right after his keynote address for a deeper dive into how to live A Life Powered by Purpose. In this interactive session, you will participate in a dialogue to address your specific challenges and goals and engage the leader within you. Be prepared to return to your community with a more established sense of purpose and a better understanding of how to encourage your team to do the same.

 A    AP    HR    SW 

with Alyse Meyer, Director of Public Policy, LeadingAge Texas & panelists: Michelle Erwin, Director, Medicaid/CHIP Policy & Program Development, HHSC; Bob Kalin, VP Long Term Care Operations, Molina Healthcare of Texas; Jessica McFarlin, Director Medicaid State Operations – LTSS & Nursing Facility, Amerigroup; Veronica Neville, Program Specialist, HHSC; Ceseley Rollins, Vice President, CCP Medicaid Product, Superior Health Plans; Lisa Wright, Executive Director, DSNP & MMP, UnitedHealth Group

This session will offer an update on the state of Medicaid Managed Care and will feature a group of panelists representing various MCOs moderated by Alyse Meyer, Director of Public Policy, LeadingAge Texas.

More details to come.




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