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Financial Development

2020 Exhibitor

Ziegler COVID-19 Resource Page

• Breaking Down the CARES Act for Not-for-Profit Senior Living Providers

Financial Markets Update Webinar Recording

Tax-exempt bonds, financial services, and analysis for nonprofit senior living communities.


Accounting; CPA; Audit/Tax

2020 Exhibitor


LeadingAge is proud to collaborate with CLA to offer an Expense-Tracking Tool that creates the foundation to organize spending in accordance with compliance and reporting initiatives that are sure to follow.

Sodexo - Seniors

Dining & Food Services;
Cleaning & Environmental Services 

2020 Exhibitor

Sodexo provides unique expertise and skills in improving the Quality of Life for residents, their families and health care professionals at more than 2900 facilities around the world.

• Dining & Food Services

Preventative Disinfection Services

Contact: Vanessa Lambert, Business Development Executive
(469) 525-2198 



Rehabilitation Services 

2020 Exhibitor

3 Solutions to Connect Patients with Family and Friends

Contact: Jen Humphrey, Marketing Coordinator
(500) 596-7640



2020 Exhibitor

CalTech has developed a list of recommended configurations to help businesses remain secure while their employees are working remotely.

• IT Tips for Managing a Pandemic (11 Tips on how to create a mobile workforce)

Contact: Jonny Hulse, Business Development Representative
(877) 223-6401 


Communication Services & Systems

2020 Exhibitor

RCare’s Rapid Deployment Wireless Nurse Call Kit

• Rapid Deployment Plug-and-Play Nurse Call 
• Ships within 24 hours, fully programmed and ready to go
• Install in less than 20 minutes

Contact: Niels Coch, Sales Manager Americas - Channels 
(832) 729-9712 


HealthPro Heritage

Therapy Services

2020 Exhibitor

COVID-19 Resources & Information 




Food/Nutrition, Software

2020 Exhibitor

MealSuite Launches Rapid Response Solutions to Support Healthcare & Senior Living Communities Challenged by Communal Dining Restrictions during COVID-19

Mueller Prost

Accounting/Reimbursement, Consultant/Contract Services, Financial Development

2020 Exhibitor

COVID-19 Resource Center

Free Education: Free Initial Consulting as it relates to COVID matters 

• FEMA Assistance for Nonprofit Healthcare Facilities

• Details on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

• Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act

Contact:Tiffany Karlin, Partner
(314) 480-1288

Partners Pharmacy

Technology; Pharmacy

2020 Exhibitor

• Automated In Facility Medication Dispensing System: A Safe Effective Way to Get Medication 

Full Assisted Living Pharmacy Services

• So, what do hurricanes and other natural disasters have in common with Covid-19? Quite a lot…when it comes to providing SAFE, uninterrupted, efficient, and minimal-contact minimally invasive pharmacy to LTC buildings 

• Our automated dispensing system provided incredibly safe and timely medication without any interruption to our LTC residents during Hurricanes Sandy, Erma, Maria, and Harvey, and now our PassPort machine is providing the same amazing benefits, safety, and peace-of-mind during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

• Check us out, so you can provide incredibly safe and timely medication without any interruption, with our innovative PassPort fully automated onsite medication packaging and dispensing system, no matter what emergency your building should encounter

Contact: Evan Esnard, Texas Regional Sales Manager 
(972) 998-6563  


Technology; Pharmacy

2020 Exhibitor

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resource Center

• Up-to-date links to industry resources

• Best practice guidance to reduce exposure and risk

• Webinars hosted by industry experts on COVID-19

Contact: Nick Oliveira, Account Executive
(437) 777-3316

HJ Sims

Financial Development

HJ Sims’ Overview of the Main Street Lending Program (“MSLP”)

Disclosure Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Podcast | Senior Living: Putting the COVID-19 Situation in Perspective


Contact: Rebecca Brady, Assistant Vice President, Marketing
(203) 418-9077

Moss Adams LLP

Financial Resources

COVID-19 IMPLICATIONS: Navigating a Pandemic

• Grand Funding Assistance
• CPA Funding Assistance
• CPA and Tax Assistance

Contact: Michaella Johnson, Health Care Marketing Manager
(503) 478-2289


Siemens Smart Infrastructure


• Destroy Covid 19 virus at molecular level thru HVAC system 
• Set up clean room to disinfect previously used PPE 
Room Pressure monitors for critical spaces

Contact: Mark Embry, Executive Director, Healthcare
(214) 507-9270 



COVID-19 Resource Center
This webpage offers information on the CARES Act, Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and other essential COVID-19 employer resources.