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SB2300 Loan Assistance for Long Term Care Nurses


SB 2300 has been placed on the calendar for consideration by the Texas Senate. Call your state Senator's Capitol office today to voice support for SB 2300 by Senator Beverly Powell. CLICK HERE to find your Texas Senator.

Sample Script: 


I am (name) with (organization) in your district. SB 2300 (Powell) has been placed on the Senate Intent Calendar. The bill creates a student loan assistance program for APRNs, RNs and LVNs taking care of our seniors in nursing homes. VOTE YES ON SB 2300!
Talking Points:
  •  A 2016 study by the Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies projects demand for nurses in long-term care settings (nursing homes) will double between 2015 and 2030.
  •  In 2017, the Texas Department of State Health Services reported that long-term care facilities had the highest vacancy rate of any practice area for registered nurses in the state at 18.9%, more than double the vacancy rate of hospitals (8.1%).
  •  This workforce shortage poses a threat to patient safety and quality care, as adequate staffing levels are the primary indicator of quality care in nursing homes. 
  •  Nursing home care is primarily paid for by governmental sources. High turnover and vacancy rates only increases the cost burden. Consistent staffing will help achieve better quality care for residents and lower overall costs for providers and the state.  
  •  SB 2300 establishes a loan repayment grant program to be administrated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board specifically for registered nurses who meet eligibility criteria for application, including full-time employment by a long-term care facility for at least one year.


 Thank you for your time and consideration! 


Thank you for advocating on behalf of LeadingAge Texas Members. Helpful feedback to report from your call? Send to alyse@leadingagetexas.org