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The Fountain of Youth is Blue and Residents of The Stayton at Museum Way Have Found It

Wednesday, June 27, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Julianna Ems
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Residents of The Stayton at Museum Way, an area senior living community, are dedicating time to focus on healthy lifestyle habits - living life with purpose. At a recent event, residents learned about the world’s so-called Blue Zones, places where the people, on average, stay healthier and live longer than the rest of us. 

Events focusing on healthy living are common at The Stayton at Museum Way and are always well attended since they tie so closely into the culture of the community.

"The workshop gave me a lot of food for thought, and it made me reevaluate my purpose and how I conduct my life," said resident James Holcomb.

The Stayton at Museum Way is a community of active, vibrant seniors who are deeply committed to bettering themselves through intellectual, social and physical endeavors. That desire to better themselves and to live fully has led to a lot of interest in the Blue Zones concept.

For the seniors, who very much believe that age is just a number, it’s a way to examine what they can do to continue to age well. For the team members, who already have a great passion for the residents and the field of senior living, it’s a way to examine their own lives and look to the future they’d like to have as they, too, grow older.

While the Blue Zone events are just one of many examples of events/activities residents at The Stayton are passionate about, the core of these sessions is really perfectly tailored for seniors who’ve committed to aging well, learning and maintaining a zest for life.

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