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2017 Conference | Education Programming
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Schedule of Events Continuing Education Solutions EXPO  Scholarships

A: Administrator | AL: Assisted Living | AP: Activity Professional | E: Ethics
F: Finance | HR: Human Resources | M: Marketing | N: Nursing
SW: Social Work
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MEMBER SITE VISIT | 1:30 - 4:30 pm

After seeing the need for affordable and independent senior living in Austin, Family Eldercare opened Lyons Gardens in October 2004. This senior housing community is an award-winning model providing housing options and services to low-income seniors.

Visit this 54-unit community offering residents one-bedroom apartments, an expansive interior courtyard, and accessible community areas. Learn how residents of Lyons Gardens have access to health care services, educational and social programs, as well as volunteer activities through innovative programming and community partnerships.

Discover the diverse array of services Family Eldercare has offered Central Texas seniors since 1982 - supporting older Texans and their caregivers through a variety of programs designed to prevent abuse and neglect, while promoting the health, well-being, and dignity of elders, adults with disabilities, and their caregivers.


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Nurses & Administrators are two of the most vital roles in a care community. As a nurse, your role as a leader, a manager, and a mentor is valuable to the growth and welfare of your organization. As an administrator, your ability to lead your team hinges upon understanding their challenges and encouraging their development. Long-term care today is plagued by the constant turnover of nursing staff, from charge nurses to managers to directors. With the myriad regulatory requirements of long-term care, daily operations are generally the focus of nurses’ attention, frequently at the expense of opportunities to develop the management skills necessary to successfully lead a team.

Experts in the field will walk attendees through this conference intensive, diving into practical solutions for rising above the day-to-day details, allowing nurse leaders to better lead their staff, and provide exceptional resident care.

  • Unleash the Leader & Mentor in You
    Pearl Merritt, Professor, TTUHSC – School of Nursing
  • Maintaining Quality
    Kim Cook, AVP – Clinical Services, Christian Care Centers
  • A Balancing Act: Nursing Budget & Smart Staffing
    Yvonne Seifert, Director of Clinical Services, Methodist Retirement Communities
    Vickie Ragsdale, President, Ragsdale Senior Care Consulting

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with Larry Johnson

While on a bicycling vacation in 2003, CJ Johnson, the wife of speaker Larry Johnson was involved in an accident that changed their world. Moving over time from intensive care to skilled nursing facilities to home health, CJ and Larry experienced first-hand what it’s like to be served by caretakers, technicians, nurses, doctors, therapists, and administrators. Today, Larry is CJ’s primary caregiver and he travels the country sharing the story of their journey through CJ’s health crisis and sharing the hard-won lessons they’ve learned.

Before starting his own consulting and training company in 1986, Larry Johnson worked for three years as a program director for an in-patient psychiatric hospital and for three years as a training coordinator for a chain of psychiatric hospitals. He now speaks to health care and other organizations around the world on a variety of management and leadership topics.

 A    AL    AP    E    SW 

CONCURRENT SESSIONS | 10:30 am - 12 pm

A: Quality of Care | B: Fundraising & Development | C: Quality of Life & Enrichment
D: Leadership & Management | E: Aging Services & Policy | F: Marketing & Community Relations
G: Senior Living Innovations | H:Talent Development & Professional Growth
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with Chance Victoriano, Director of Clinical Excellence, TMC

As the landscape of post-acute care evolves, provision of quality clinical rehab interventions and achievement of successful outcomes has become increasingly important. In order to ensure that your patients are receiving top-notch quality care, your rehabilitation provider must be focused on adapting to these changes. Join this session to discover concrete tools that can be used to assess performance in a rehabilitation setting and improve the quality of care provided.

 A  •   N 

with Mike Andreasen, VP & Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, LCS; Charles Borst, Executive Director, Westminster; and Richard Funk, VP/Senior Director of Operations Management, LCS

In this session, we will explore ways to transform your data into metrics and indicators that provide meaningful insight into your business. By identifying key relationships, you will learn how to use metrics and indicators to empower leaders throughout your organization, while driving greater accountability. We will also discuss how the right metrics help you “tell your story” when reviewing performance with your Board and other key stakeholders.

 A    AL   F   M 

with Mary Tellis-Nayak, VP of Quality Initiatives, MyInnerView and V. Tellis-Nayak, Senior Researcher, National Research Corporation

We are born to relate, to connect, and to bond. The most noble of human relationships is compassion. No other profession is as closely associated with the virtue of compassion as is eldercare. What is compassion – what is the scientific evidence that explains and supports compassion – what is the leaders’ role in establishing a culture of compassion? The answers to these questions will be discussed during this session. We will look at how compassion interfaces with the five universal needs and yearnings that make each of us human, and consider the role that compassion plays in the life of the elders as well as their families, caregivers and support staff.

 A    AL    AP    E    SW 

with Fred Worley, Architectural Unit Manager, Department of Aging & Disability Services and Wes Wells, Executive Director, Buckner Westminster Place

Why haven’t more providers adopted and implemented the historical revisions made to the fire and building codes? It's not enough that NFPA and DADS have responded to culture change by revising the healthcare chapters of the Fire and Building Codes and that CMS has made it possible to utilize those revisions. In this session, learn how state standards have been revised to encourage design professionals and providers to develop plans that promote culture change care in the built environment.

 A    AL

with Alyse Meyer, Director of Public Policy, LeadingAge Texas and David Thomason, Consultant, Advocacy Gauge

Join this session as we review the events of the 85th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature and discuss potential impacts on aging services providers in Texas.

 A    AL    AP    SW 

with Cathy Neece Brown, VP for Development, James L. West Alzheimer's Center

In this session, participants will learn how to identify potential collaboration opportunities in their communities and think strategically about how such partnerships can advance the mission and vision of an organization. A case study of a LeadingAge Texas member community will be examined as a practical example with real-world applications and results.

 A    AL   

with Beth Reigart, Clinical Operations Specialist, Functional Pathways

This presentation will explore the prevalence of resident falls within senior communities and how to work with your team to identify risks and implement a comprehensive evidence-based fall-reduction program utilizing skilled physical therapy and community wellness programs. Established evidence-based therapy and wellness programs that can help prevent falls, increase resident and community participation in wellness programs, and position your community as a positive influence on the greater community will be introduced.

 A    AL   AP   SW 

with Jerri Lynn Ward, President, Garlo Ward P.C.

In this session, attendees will discuss selected elements that should be in every employee handbook including confidentiality and non-compete clauses, social media policies, and sections dealing with termination, benefits and discipline. Attendees will return to their communities with information on how these sections should be written to comply with state and federal law, as well as the potential risks and consequences of poorly-written policies.

 A    AL    AP    HR 

with Shelly Nanney, RN/RAC-CT, MDS Clinical Coordinator for the State of Texas, Department of Aging and Disability Services

Staff often struggle with how to accurately code the MDS, then have to deal with potential negative outcomes with their Quality Measures. In this session, attendees will learn how, using a simple tool readily available in each facility’s Casper Reports, you can pro-actively address negative findings without compromising MDS data, allowing a community to develop an Action Plan to address areas of concern triggered by a QM report.

 A    AL  •  N 

with Brandon Powell, Director, Ziegler and Rich Scanlon, Managing Director, Ziegler

The Trump/Pence Presidency caught many by surprise. What will happen to not-for-profit senior living provider’s access to capital with the new administration? This session will provide an overview of the current state of the senior living capital markets, including the current interest rate levels for various organizations and project types, and going forward with the new presidential term. Time will also be spent on providing attendees with perspective on the lending environment, ranging from the bank direct placement market to fixed interest rate bond issuances.


 A    AL  •  F 


with Lisa Milliken, Director of Education, Select Rehabilitation

Behavioral psychological symptoms of dementia can contribute to an increased cost of care, heightened stress for staff members, and a decreased quality of life for residents. This session will present a dynamic evidence-based review of non-pharmacological interventions for individuals with dementia, reviewing common behaviors at each progressive stage, and offering supportive interventions through the person-centered approach. The recommended interactive approaches will empower staff and communities to reshape once-perceived “problems” into a sense of purpose for their residents.

 A    AL    AP    N    SW 

2D  The Power of an Engaged Workforce

       [sponsored by Macdonald Resnevic, PLLC]

with Jeff Ross, President & CFO, C.A. Short Company

Does an engaged workforce truly have an impact on your organization? It isn't a matter of IF you will engage your employees, but rather WHEN. In this session, we will discuss the “bottom-line impact” engagement has on health care organizations. A culture shift in favor of engagement can result in a rise in workforce satisfaction, enhanced performance, and increased profitability. Attendees will leave this session with a solid understanding of the purpose behind employee engagement, steps for implementation, and the positive results a successful initiative can yield.

 A    AL    AP    HR 

with Cory Macdonald, Partner, Macdonald Resnevic PLLC and Kate Resnevic, Partner, Macdonald Resnevic PLLC

Under new legal guidance, unauthorized images of residents posted on social media can be a form of reportable resident abuse. This new requirement is one of many ways that smart phones and social media impact member operations. In this session we will provide an overview of the latest social media trends, examine real social media incidents involving residents, and discuss legal strategies for responding to the new legal requirements and challenges.

 A • AL • AP • E • HR • M • SW 

with Patty Cisco, President, Founder, Marketing Essentials, LLC

You received the green light for implementing a digital marketing program! You’ve taken periodic steps along the way, but with buyer sophistication growing daily and ongoing change in internet algorithms, you constantly have to reassess your tactics. Before you dive headlong into the next task, consider this: How will you know if you’re improving (or regressing) unless you step back to take stock of your digital marketing program? In this session, discover how to do business with your customers across channels and devices using your digital marketing program and understand how, why and when your customers engage with certain channels that will lead to a better customer experience.

 A    AL   

with Amanda Baushke, Partnership Specialist, Masterpiece Living and Amy Janak, Resident Services Director, The Stayton at Museum Way

This session will showcase how a LeadingAge Texas member team has created a systematic approach to look at policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that their environment provides residents and team members the opportunity to age successfully. Attendees will return to their organizations with simple tips for small changes that will encourage healthy lifestyle choices for residents and staff alike.

 A    AL    AP    SW 

with Danny Mack, Chaplain, Christian Care Hospice

There has been a societal shift in how senior citizens want to experience aging. The leadership models of the past are fading and a new concept is emerging. Fusing enlightenment, education, and entertainment, this session will reveal how to let go of fading leadership paradigms and embrace The Consciousness Model of Leadership. Attendees will discover practical ways leaders, managers and employees can increase mission effectiveness, employee morale, and fulfillment of vision by taking care of the “business of is-ness.”

 A    AL    AP    HR   SW 



with Hayley Barron, Life Enrichment Team Manager, C. C. Young

Are you a “feelings person?” Do you have trouble communicating effectively with your organization’s “numbers person?” Starting with a resident audit, this session will teach you how to review your Life Enrichment calendar to determine what needs are being met, where improvements can be made, and how to adjust staffing accordingly. We will identify strategies to maximize efficiency in calendar planning and interventions, leading to positive, quantifiable results for everyone involved.

 A    AL  •  AP  •  SW 

with Jay Hobbs, COO, Manor Park

The cost of child care is a concern for many working parents and can pose a challenge in recruitment and retention for Human Resource departments. Developing an onsite daycare program can be a worthwhile benefit to employees, as well as providing opportunities for intergenerational programming with residents throughout your community, not to mention the community outreach it can create. But, logistics are often daunting and management can be cost-prohibitive. Join this breakfast to learn how a LeadingAge Texas member community has successfully collaborated with a local community college to have an on-site daycare program for the past 16 years.

 A  •  AL  •  HR 

with Gail Zavala, Administrator, Nurses Unlimited/Comfort and Kathryn Catlett, Program Director, Health Training Services

Join us for breakfast as we provide updates on the new rules regarding testing for nurse aides, outline the Nurse Aide Training Program, and discuss the benefits derived from developing a sucessful mentoring and training program for nurse aide staff.

 A    AL   

Senior Living  Maintaining a Brain-Healthy Lifestyle
                         [sponsored by Baker Donelson]

with Nancy Turco, Executive Director, Arden Courts Memory Care

Learn what it takes to live a brain-healthy lifestyle – for yourself, your staff, and your residents! In this session, attendees will discover a variety of activities that stiumulate brain activity, behaviors that may contribute to diminished function, and what science has to say about keeping your brain at its best.

 A    AL    AP    SW 

with Christine Carruthers, Vice President, Health Services Marketing, Love & Company and Mark Ingram, Principal/CMO, SenioROI

A survey conducted by recently found that 73% of prospective residents have adult children involved in their parents’ transition into a new setting. The dilemma marketers face is that seniors and their children tend to have different perspectives, informational needs, and evaluation criteria they use when considering a move. This session will focus on the most effective ways to engage both adult children and seniors in order to sustain and grow your community’s census.

 A    AL    M    SW 

Finance & Operations  Changing Direction: Adapting to Evolving Demands

                                         [sponsored by Mueller Prost]

with Tabitha Cuevas, Director - Independent Living Services, and Suzanne Huber, Executive Director, Menger Springs - Morningside Ministries & Grant Warner, Principal, D2 Architecture

A unique Life Plan Community, Menger Springs by Morningside Ministries, sought to expand its care model with additional assisted living and independent living. Although a relatively new and successful community, there were conditions within the existing campus that were hindering its ability to efficiently serve residents. This session will highlight the process of evaluating an existing community alongside the evolving market, changes in service and support, and the expectation of the incoming baby boomers. The case study will discuss how changes were made within the campus configuration to accommodate expansion and promote more efficient operations.


 A    AL  •  F 

CONCURRENT SESSIONS | 10:30 am - 12 pm 

A: Quality of Care | B: Fundraising & Development | C: Quality of Life & Enrichment
D: Leadership & Management | E: Aging Services & Policy | F: Marketing & Community Relations
G: Senior Living Innovations | H:Talent Development & Professional Growth
— view the Concurrent Session Grid —

with Cindy Mason, VP of Provider Services, Providigm

Post-acute care (PAC) providers and hospitals are mandated to implement Impact Act discharge planning requirements. Under the rule, PAC providers and hospitals will be required to assist patients and their representatives in selecting a PAC provider using and sharing quality and resource use data. This session will review discharge planning rules, revised nursing home regulations, and implications for PAC providers.

 A    N 

with Tiffany Karlin, Partner, Director of Healthcare Services Mueller Prost and Carissa Conardy, Sr. Healthcare Billing Manager, Mueller Prost

A little Medicare 101! In this session, attendees will develop a comprehensive understanding of Medicare, including the eligibility, payment, and billing processes, Medicare Cost Reports and their potential effects, and the audit and appeal processes. You’ll return to your community with important tips to help your organization be as effective and efficient as possible when dealing with Medicare.

 A  •   AL  •  AP  •  F  •  SW 

with Ricardo Hernandez, Director – Lay Caregiver Initiative, Texas Health Institute

Many individuals avoid conversations about end-of-life wishes because they find death difficult to discuss. End-of-life conversation games provide an opportunity to explore living and dying in the relaxed environment of gameplay - players emerge with a collection of responses that can form the beginnings of an end-of-life care plan. Participants will emerge with experience and awareness of gameplay as a tool to help families prepare for the loss of a loved one.

 A    AL    AP    SW 

with Stewart Jackson, Senior Vice President, Greystone and Brad Straub, Senior Vice President, Greystone

The senior living industry has long been talking in vague terms about a coming “age wave” or “silver tsunami.” But what will this age wave specifically bring? And when exactly will it arrive? In addition to sparking questions about future demand, many are also beginning to wonder about supply - some news stories talk about oversaturated markets, while others describe a desperate need for more senior housing. What’s the reality? In this session, learn what the research has to say and discover new ideas for how non-profits can make the most of the future.

 A    AL   

with Daniel Sternthal, Attorney, Baker Donelson

The new Requirements of Participation for Nursing Homes represent the greatest change in practice & care delivery since the revised rules of 1991. The final version of the CMS Requirements of Participation was released on October 4, 2016 and Phase I of implementation takes effect on November 28, 2016. Join this session to learn what to expect in the next few years and how you can best prepare your organization for the changing rules.

 A    AL    HR    SW 

with Anthony Ormsbee, Director - Sales & Marketing, The Village of The Heights

Social media has become part of the very fabric of today's society. It can be immediate, irreverent, and incredibly powerful. The use of social media in all areas of life, especially senior living, is growing exponentially. Used to effectively communicate and connect with other health care professionals, the community, and patients, social media also has tremendous risks when not used professionally - guidelines to ensure its safe and proper use are essential. Join this session to learn more about how to use social media in an ethically responsible manner within your organization.

 A    AL    E    M   SW 

with Teresa Sansone Ferguson, Executive Director, AustinUP and Mark Carlson, MD, Founder & Geriatrician, Be Well MD and Char Hu, PhD, Founder & CEO, The Helper Bees

With an estimated one-third of the population age 65 and over living alone, services that combine technology and their care will give seniors the freedom they desire - but there are challenges. For example, incongruent healthcare models may inhibit innovation and adoption. And how do we ensure this technology effectively blends with our human behavior? In this panel discussion, senior care entrepreneurs and aging experts will discuss these topics and more. Ultimately, the goal is to provide seniors with the tools and resources to age with purpose and independence.

 A    AL    SW 

with Jason Bright, Culinary Services Manager, Ben E. Keith Foods

Talent acquisition and retention are among the most pressing concerns in the senior living industry today. In this session, attendees will discover the most effective strategies for recruiting the best talent, assessing candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, and retaining the best possible workforce for your organizaiton.

 A    AL    AP    HR 

CONCURRENT SESSIONS | 2:15 - 3:45 am

with Karolee Alexander, Director of Reimbursement and Clinical Consulting, Pathway Health

New MDS section, data specifications and Care Area Trigger specifications went into effect on October 1, 2016. Learn how these changes align with national initiatives including VBP, APM, QMs, IMPACT, and more! Using data, MDS processes, and communication of outcomes will be key in the coordination care delivery system expectations.

 A    AL    N 

with Ron Scharff, Assistant Vice President, Research, RehabCare

Momentum for post-acute alignment will accelerate exponentially in 2017. Alternate payment models, both mandatory and voluntary, will be implemented at a faster pace. The initial BPCI and managed care arrangements are into their second year. Kindred Rehabilitation Services/RehabCare clients in Texas and 39 other states have had widely divergent experiences. Some models began with careful clinical network alignment, and other models were initiated through a financial approach to placement and length of stay. This session will discuss these varying experiences, processes, and their impacts on post-acute providers.

 A    AL  •  F 

with Victoria Jones, Manager, Volunteer Programs & Services, C. C. Young

Volunteers have long been an untapped resource that visit facilitiesevery day. They comfort residents, play games, do clerical work, fix computers, celebrate birthdays, lead sing-a-longs, and share their time and talents in support of the organization’s mission. We couldn’t do without them. But - are volunteers really fulfilling your needs? Are you fulfilling their needs? Are you recruiting the right volunteers? Do they know your “story” and your needs to share in the community? Will they donate even though they volunteer? Are you asking? Answer these questions and more in this practical, interactive session.

 A    AL    AP    SW 

with Allison Spruill, Shareholder, Best & Spruill, P.C.

New state and federal regulations and enforcement procedures could dramatically reshape operations of long-term care facilities statewide. Many regulations have not been widely used or tested, and failing to understand them fully creates the potential for monetary fines and even criminal charges for employees across all operational levels. In this session, participants will learn how to implement effective risk management programs per the requirements of the new laws, how to navigate these statutes in order to minimize potential civil and criminal liability, and what to do (or not to do) during survey in order to minimize enforcement action and potential private litigation.

 A    AL    AP    HR 

with Joe Caracci, CEO Monarch Risk Management and Randy Brown, CEO Rowntree Gardens and Philip Burkholder, Administrator, United Zion Retirement Community and Joe Levy, Principal, Dubraski & Associates

Imagine what it would be like if the majority of your employees were FULLY engaged in everything they did and none of your employees missed work due to an injury. Come hear what other providers are doing to make this dream a reality and return to your community with simple strategies and assessments to build trust, teamwork, and accountability.

 A    AL    AP    HR 

with Rick Hunsicker, Vice President, Sales Services - Western Division, Love & Company

CFOs know only too well that a Life Plan Community with a full census, but an average move-in age in the mid-80s, is not performing as well as it could. A high average move-in age means high annual turnover, which fuels high marketing budgets and lost monthly fee revenue. This session will provide practical direction on the key marketing and sales strategies that sales teams use to reach and motivate prospects to move because they want to move, rather than waiting until they are forced to move by a health scare. The session will also discuss fundamental program and product enhancements that all Life Plan Communities should consider if they want to attract younger residents.

 A    AL    M 

with Nicolina Stary, Director of Education & Training, New Alternatives and Jim Stary, President, New Alternatives

As a front line housing professional, you should have a general understanding of what legally constitutes a “pet” and how different types of animals are addressed under Fair Housing regulations. This session will discuss the difference between the different classifications of animals, required accommodations under the Fair Housing Act, and day-to-day operations management tactics to allow you to better assist your current and future residents who rely on their animals every day.

 A    AL    E    SW 

with Nancy Anderson, SVP, Engagement Solutions, Align, LLC

The level of employee engagement in an organization impacts employees’ intent to stay and ultimately impacts the experience of patients/residents. Managers have the single-greatest impact on employee engagement. In fact, managers account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores. Through interactive learning activities, we will look at how the behaviors and practices of managers influence an employee’s emotional connection with the facility/organization. We’ll explore how the dynamics of the management team impacts the culture of the organization. Guidance on specific practices that promote engagement will be addressed at both the operational and organizational levels.

 A    AL    AP    HR 



with Heidi Davis, Director - Home & Community-Based Services, Outreach Health Services

Older adults are at an increased risk for depression, especially those in long term care services. Many older adults have one or more chronic medical conditions that increase risk for depression. Depression is often under-diagnosed in older adults because people consider depressed mood to be a normal part of aging. The good news is that depression is a very treatable illness! This session will discuss the different types of depression, signs and symptoms, interventions and treatment, along with other mental health issues that may be present for the older adult.

 A    AL  •  AP  •    SW 

with Nancy Fox, Chief Innovation Officer, Vivage Senior Living

The relationship between wisdom, knowledge, and leadership will be revealed in this conversation led by a leader with a proven track record for successful change and healthy corporate culture. In this dynamic and interactive session, you are invited to participate in a dialogue to address your specific leadership challenges. Drawing on her life experiences and the wisdom of the group, this session will engage the leader within you.

 A    AL  •  AP  •  HR    SW 

with Kristian Jaloway, Founder & CEO, Jaloway Leadership Consulting

Extreme Ownership: Have you ever felt frustrated that your employees keep repeating certain mistakes? Or your boss doesn't understand why you need something to do your job better? Taking ownership gives us a new perspective, freeing us from complacency and the status quo. Join us in this session to learn how extreme ownership can change your entire situation, putting you in command of your job, and, ultimately, of your life.

 A    AL  •  AP  •  SW 

with Stephen Maag, Director – Residential Communities, LeadingAge

Attend this session to learn the basic structure of an “at home’ program, the variations in programming and understand the critical components for creating a successful program in your community.

 A    AL    M    SW 

CLOSING GENERAL SESSION | 10:15 - 11:45 am

with Nancy Fox, Chief Innovation Officer, Vivage Senior Living

These are both exciting and challenging times for eldercare. The leaders who are able to inspire hope in the face of the coming challenges will bring us into a new era. In this closing keynote session, Nancy Fox, brings us a compelling image of the leadership necessary for creating true caring communities where residents, staff and families can experience fulfillment. Nancy has spent the last 20 years as a change agent in long-term care. Through that experience, she has gained valuable insight into how we, as leaders, can create a world where people want to live and work. Using powerful stories to illustrate her message, this presentation is sure to inspire, provoke, and challenge some of your firmest beliefs about leadership and its role in a senior living community.

Nancy Fox is the Chief Innovation Officer for Vivage Senior Living in Lakewood, Colorado. In her role at Vivage, Nancy oversees the organization’s development of new models of care. Most recently she led a project in partnership with the Loveland Housing Authority to develop the first Green House model replication in Colorado. Nancy also serves on the Leadership Team at Vivage, encouraging and informing future planning in innovative models of care, programs, and services. Prior to her current position, Nancy served as the Executive Director of the Eden Alternative, an international not-for-profit person-centered care organization. Nancy holds a nursing home administrator’s license, and for the past 20 years, she has joined many courageous and passionate people on a journey to seek a better world for elders and those who care for them.

 A    AL    AP    SW 



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